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How to Pick the Perfect Area Rug

Area Rug ShowroomThere are many factors that should go into consideration when picking the perfect area rug for your room. What room is it going to be in? Is it going to be fashion-forward or traditional? What is your budget? Comfort is also an important factor. The perfect area rug can complete the look of any room.


The first thing to consider is the function of the rug. If the rug is going to be in a common living area, then you should take into consideration how much foot traffic it will receive. If small children and pets will have access to the room, you may want to consider a low pile, stain resistant rug. If the rug is going to be accommodating a lot of bare feet, you may want to invest in a wool rug with a soft texture.


Next, decide on how you want the rug to look in the room. An area rug can change the feel of a room completely. If you want the rug to be the focal point in the room, a nice contemporary rug may be the perfect addition to the space. If you want a demure look, pick a color that is similar to the flooring. When you select a rug, look for complementing colors. Also, don’t be afraid to select a style that is different from your current décor. A modern, simplistic rug can work well in an otherwise traditional space, while a classic style will work even with contemporary furniture.


One important factor that is often overlooked when picking a rug is the size. Unless you are in the market for a room-sized rug, the measurements of the room are unimportant. You need to measure the space that you want the rug to cover. Always remember, it is better to get a slightly bigger rug than a smaller one. You can also use an area rug to clearly define and separate a space according to function.


The prices of rugs can vary quite a bit. Generally, a handmade rug will be pricier than a machine-made rug. Natural materials, such as silk and wool, will also increase the price tag of a rug. Although a machine-made rug with synthetic fibers is typically the least expensive option, it may not offer the other benefits you’re seeking. However, the lower price may allow you to replace the rug often. If you are ready for an investment, a high quality, wool rug may last for generations with proper care and regular cleaning. It’s important to carefully weigh a rug’s benefits with the cost before making a final decision.

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