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How to Keep Black Rugs Clean

Black Rugs

What is walked on, has a lot of fibers, and sometimes difficult to clean? A black rug! Black rugs can be beautiful and classic in any type of setting but they tend to look dingy after time if proper maintenance is not performed. Let us explain how simple it is to keep it looking brand new!

Keep the Dirt Off

Be sure to provide an outdoor rug at all entrances of the home to allow everyone to wipe off their feet before entering your home. The best way to eliminate dirt from your classic black rug is to direct everyone entering the home to come through the mudroom. They will be able to sit in the mudroom and remove their dirty shoes before trampling through your home. You can also use a large outdoor rug in this room to help catch any extra debris before its tracked into the rest of your home. Check out this mudroom photo for inspiration!

Make Use of Cleaners

Each rug material has different and specific care instructions. The most common materials for black rugs are: wool, cotton, synthetic, and silk. Each of these materials can only handle specific types of cleaners. Always read the manufacturer's care instructions located on the tag of the rug to know the proper cleaning solution and method to use. It is highly recommended to “spot test” the cleaning product on the rug before using it on the entire area. For example, try the cleaning solution on a quarter size area of the rug to make sure that the cleaner will not harm or fade the rug.

Clean Regularly

The best way to remove dirt and keep your black rugs from being damaged is to vacuum your rug at least once a week. Get your rugs professionally cleaned every one to two years to keep them looking brand new! Another great option is to rent a steamer from a nearby hardware store to regularly clean them! For smaller area rugs, you may be able to get away with a quick shake and sweep. If your rug gets something spilled on it, then blot the area rather than scrubbing. Scrubbing any rug’s material can damage the area by wearing out the fibers, and ultimately lead to discoloration. Additionally, the quicker you act at blotting the stain, the less time the stain has to absorb into the fibers and become permanent. Properly cleaning and maintaining a rug will significantly increase the rug’s lifetime and will keep your home stunning.

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