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Caring for Your Leather Rug

Leather Rugs

You can add pizazz to any room with the addition of leather rugs and with the right care and maintenance, your decor will leave a lasting impression.

Unexpected Spills

When spills occur on leather rugs then you should act right away, using any leather safe chemicals. Solid items should be swept or vacuumed with a handheld vacuum cleaner. Liquid such as coffee or tea, should be dabbed away immediately with clean absorbent white cloth. Dry cleaning is also a safe option at an experienced rug care facility.

Are Chemicals Safe?

Equal parts of vinegar and water will remove stains that spill on your leather rug. Small amounts of rubbing alcohol can be applied directly to the stain. With any solution that you use on your rug, rub the spot first and if still tough use a soft brush to renew the nap of the suede. Before applying any chemical or remedy, perform a spot test in any inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility with your leather rugs.

Daily Maintenance

In order to maintain the longevity your rug you should clean daily so that no sand dirt or debris settles. Cleaning with a hand held vacuum is best for repeated use on your leather rugs. (Avoid using standard vacuums with roller/beater bush.) In low traffic areas apply leather and suede protectant once every 6 months. If it is a higher traffic area then apply it more frequently. It also helps to ensure the integrity of your leather rugs with a rug pad.

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