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Advantages of Viscose Area Rugs

Viscose Rugs

Save Money!

Viscose is known to be a less expensive fabric while still displaying the aesthetics of a well-known fiber, silk! Viscose rugs have a silky, shiny feel, so it can be used for a substitution for silk when trying to get the luxurious feel within your home. Many interior designers choose to use viscose when designing a room on a budget.

Lots of Options!

Since viscose is such a flexible fiber, it will not only display the aesthetics of silk, it can also be manipulated to give the look of wool and cotton. Many of our viscose rugs are mixed with another quality fiber to give that specific rug a unique look. Viscose rugs come in many patterns and styles; whether you’re looking contemporary or traditional, for a dotted rug, striped rug or even just a solid rug you’ll find the perfect match for your home when looking through our selection of viscose rugs.

Care For Your Rug

Viscose rugs are best suited for low to medium traffic areas like guest rooms, formal living rooms or a home office. Viscose is very easy to care for on a daily basis. For general daily care either sweep or use a sweeper vacuum. Keep in mind that a vacuum with a beater bar could damage the viscose fabric, so it is best to stay away from a powered vacuum. To clean a messy spill use a damp rag and gently rub until the stain is no longer visible. Viscose rugs are extremely popular and you will be happy with all of the money you saved!

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