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Advantages of Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural Fiber Area RugsIntroduction to Natural Fiber Rugs

Color and style are not the only factors to consider when buying a rug. The material of the rug is also very important. A rug’s material can affect both the performance and appearance. Natural fiber rugs are made from natural materials, such as plant fibers. They are an ideal choice if you are looking for a “green” option. There are many advantages of having a natural fiber rug in your home.

Home Impact

Natural rugs are typically made without the use of strong chemicals. For this reason, a natural fiber rug would be ideal in a nursery or a child’s room. They are also great if you have sensitive sinuses or allergies. Natural fibers, such as wool or jute, are very effective in holding dust particles so they don’t float in the air and aggravate allergies. The natural fibers also help remove harmful airborne contaminants like nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Natural fiber rugs can also reduce noise and static electricity.

Environmental Impact

The materials that are used to make natural rugs are generally biodegradable and very easy to recycle. Natural rugs are often made from recycled material. They are very eco-friendly. The plant materials that are used to produce the natural rugs are sustainable, meaning that can be collected again and again without damaging the eco-system.


There are many choices when selecting a natural fiber rug. Wool rugs are very soft and durable. Sea grass rugs are very aesthetically appealing, with a nice sheen and smooth surface. Jute rugs are also very soft, and can be dyed very easily. Bamboo rugs are very easy to maintain and can add a sense of Zen to any space. Sisal rugs are popular because they have great textures and unique earthy tones.


Natural fiber rugs have many advantages. Because of their sustainability, they typically offer excellent values. They are a choice that you can feel good about, for both your home and the environment.

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