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Advantages of Handmade Area Rugs

Handmade Area Rugs

Introduction to Handmade Area Rugs

There are many advantages of picking a handmade rug over a machine made rug. A handmade rug’s construction is generally of a higher quality than a machine made rug. A handmade rug does more than just serve as decoration and comfort feet. It will add value to the overall décor of any living space. Handmade rugs are often looked at as authentic works of art that can never be duplicated. They are very functional and made to last. Handmade area rugs have been known to age very gracefully and look better with age.


Handmade rugs typically take more time to produce than those made by machine. A handmade rug can be constructed using a variety of different techniques, including knotted, tufted, hooked, or woven. Depending on several factors, including the construction method, design, and size, some rugs may take an artisan up to a year to craft. These factors also determine the value of the rug. Because hand knotted rugs are typically the most time consuming, as well as durable, they are generally the most valued of all handmade rugs. Because they are made by hand, each rug is unique and can feature incredibly intricate designs. A connoisseur of fine things would truly appreciate the beauty of a handmade area rug.

Durability and Value

The biggest advantage of having a handmade rug is the fact that you can turn it into a piece of your own history and pass it down to future generations. Handmade rugs are more durable than their machine made counterparts, and will typically last much longer. They’re often passed down in families for many generations, becoming valuable family heirlooms. Known for their timeless beauty, these rugs may become a part of your legacy.

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