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About Chinese Rugs


In addition, describing top brand names that RugsNow has to offer and what each brand is known for. The article will also explain the materials used in synthetic rugs and the the designs used that kept these rugs popular for hundreds of years.

RugsNow Brands

RugsNow offers many selections of synthetic rugs and Chinese influenced rug patterns. We offer many beautiful brands such as:

  • Safavieh area rugs are known for their 19th century antique Persian rugs, American Country, and turn-of-the-century European designs.
  • Nourison rugs are known for their 20th century Persian Arts, giving each rug a design which includes one or more number of motifs (a number of patterns which are found in oriental rugs).
  • Momeni area rugs are known for their hand-tufted by expert artisans that use a special blend of the highest quality Chinese wools.
  • Dynamic rugs are known for their modern oriental designed rugs. They import beautiful rugs that are made from Europe, Asia, Canada, and Latin America.

Chinese Rug Materials

Chinese rugs use many different synthetic materials.

  • Wool is a very strong and durable material, helping it withstand years of wear-and-tear. Wool rugs also help the humidity in your home by absorbing it and releasing it into the air whenever the climate becomes dry.
  • Viscose is another popular rug that takes the form of silk. Viscose rugs are cheaper so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money! We carry so many options of viscose rugs!
  • Polypropylene rugs are very durable and easy to take care of. These rugs are ideal to use outside or in high traffic areas because they are water and mildew resistant! So no more having to throw out your rug because something spilled on it.

All About The Look

RugsNow offers an enormous selection of Chinese rugs ranging in many shapes like rectangles, octagon, square, and oval. We have so many styles and colors ranging in patterns from circles to stripes. No matter what size rooms you need a rug for, our rugs have so many sizes starting with 2x3 and going all the way up to 12x15. We have over 2,300 Chinese rugs, so you are sure to find the rug that you will fall in love with, at the perfect price!

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